Arapaima Package – 4 days, 3 nights

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1st Day – Leaving your hotel at 8.30 am by car and driving for 1h on AM070 highway, crossing the Rio Negro Bridge. On the way, you will see countryside with farms as well as the tile industry (fábricas de tijolos), which is the main activity in Iranduba village. From there, we will move on by boat, for 45 minutes (or 1.30 hour of duration, if on the dry season). This vibrant part of the journey is the first step of the tour, where flooded trees can be seen. You will pass through small water channels, home of ribeirinhos.

Arriving at Manati lodge, you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink, before being shown to the accommodations. At noon, an Amazonian lunch followed by a necessary rest until 4pm, when we will leave by canoe for the first official visit of the day. Getting to know igapós, or flooded forest, and hopefully to see some monkeys and sloths, typical jungle animals. At 5.30pm returning time, at which point we can share the photos and stories from the day from the balcony facing the trees, while waiting a fantastic dinner served at 7.00 pm, with traditional and regional meals. Later on at the same night, a boat will take us on a wild tour by night, to spot alligators and observe its habitat. High adrenaline and fun is guaranteed.

2nd Day – At 7.30 am, a delicious and energizing traditional breakfast, laid on the wood tables of the lodge. You will have the opportunity to try some interesting new fruits as the core foods of our famous cuisine. At 9.00 am, a canoe and tour guide will bring you to the right place for a jungle trek, explaining part of the rich biodiversity, giving an opportunity to learn about various native plants, some with medicinal designation and others with cosmetic uses, giving an enlightening insight to the way we consider nature. Around 11 am, return to the Manati Lodge to avoid the hottest time of the day. At 4.00 am, our powered canoe will take you fishing, where you can see the piranhas, the famously dangerous fish, and the main protagonist of many horror films due to its avid and rabid hunger for fresh flesh, normally acting on groups. At the end of the day, we will ride back to the lodge, and have a well deserved dinner at 7.00 pm, in reward for all your adventurous courage. You will then have some personal time to relax.

3rd Day – Enjoying an early start in the jungle really is an amazing experience. At 5.30am, while it is still dark, get ready and go out for a sunrise tour, with the opportunity to looking for birds, on the Rio Negro.

Create some lasting memories of the Amazon to remember. Breakfast will be ready at your return to the lodge. An experienced tour guide will take you out again at 9.30 am, to visit a “House of Flour”. There, we will learn the process of how the native people manufacture this essential food which forms part of every meal in an Amazonian house. Naturally, you will be given the opportunity to taste the famous tapioca with Brazil nuts.

In the afternoon you will get to visit one of the 6 communities around the lodge, the Nossa Senhora do Perétuo Socorro, or simply Vila Acajatuba. It is the biggest community and also the more “modern” having a basic health service, school and a church, returning later in the evening to the lodge to enjoy your farewell dinner.

4th Day – After another delicious breakfast, a guide will again take you out to the last and most exciting activity of your jungle tour, to see the wonderful pink dolphins, creatures which are almost domestic, as they are so familiar in their behavior with human beings. Being in the water and touching and interacting with them is a beautiful moment, which you will probably want to record on video for a lifetime souvenir.

This breathtaking swimming will finish your tour and make you want to return soon. Ride back to the Manati Lodge and at 2.00 pm, travel back to Manaus on the same road, to your hotel or airport.

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