Manati Lodge resembles a riverine´s house, composed by a unique module with 3 (three) bedrooms, sized 16m2 each, which holds up to 3 (three) persons. Each of them is furnished by a fan, a double and single bed and surely a balcony with hammock, enabling the view to the river and the forest. The straw roof, totally under covered with mat of vines, keeps a pleasant temperature even during the hottest days.

Two outside bathrooms, for male and female with no hot water! Yes, it is a real jungle environmen! Wow!

The restaurant follows the same architecture style, re-using an old riverine´s typical house who lived there for many years in the past. But, we truly believe our guests will become fan to visit our kitchen, due fabulous regional smell with delicious dishes of fish, such as “pirarucu” (arapaima), a famous giant from Amazon rivers, wich can reach 2 meters length. Competing on good taste, is the “tambaqui”, nationally known and elected the preferred among amazon born ones. So many culinary options can be done with it, that you can try one by day, for example the “caldeirada” – a species of fish stew, with potatoes, eggs and a touch of greenery or the roast on ember way. We can assure you it is hard to say which one is the best. Mouth watering is worthy for what you expect!