Explore the Amazon

Explore the Amazon from Manati Lodge - the perfect location only 60km from ManausManati Lodge is only 60 km from Manaus making it an easy jumping off point for you to explore the Amazon.

We are situated within the Rio Negro on the stunning Acajatuba lake. The lake contains many streams and channels which connect it to the neighbouring Solimões River. The powerful white water creates a unique Amazon experience.

This pristine jungle location is also close to Ilha do Cumprido, the first isle of the famous Anavilhanas Archipelago, the second biggest of its kind in the world.

Our packages include the best of the Amazon river and jungle and promise to excite, entertain and wow you:

  • Swimming with pink dolphins.
  • Explore and sleep deep within the unspoilt Amazon jungle.
  • Spot caiman crocodiles, monkeys, toucans, sloths and much more Amazon wildlife.
  • Learn about the sustainable way in which we interact with nature.
  • Visit local villages and see how people truly live on the Amazon.
  • Try regional food made with naturally sourced ingredients.
  • Spend time watching the river and forest while swaying in a hammock at our jungle lodge.

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Explore the Amazon with our information on the best time to visit Manati LodgeWhen Should I Visit The Amazon?

The Amazon offers a wide variety of experiences all year round and at Manati Lodge we tailor our packages to suit the seasons and conditions.

There are two defined seasons in the jungle: rainy from December to May and dry from June to November.

From May to June the water levels are the highest and allow for cruising through submerged forests on a canoe, while dry season provides clear weather and many hiking and overland opportunities to explore the Amazon.

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